The Skill of Visualisation in Business

Many people use visualisation for specific goals, personal goals, health goals, relationship goals or to increase their sales results.  I know I have.

When your visualising something your seeing something complete before you actually start.  Unless you visualise and then put it on paper, its hard to communicate to anyone else the “HOW TO” part and to strategise.

Strategy, is so important when it comes to growing your business.  You need to plot what steps and to know exactly what each step is all about?

Visualising and strategising really allows you to sift through what you know and taking what you know to another level.  In any learning it takes it from unconscious information to conscious information.  It is only with 100% clarity that you will be achieve long-term growth, stability and survive in the business world.  There is always another competitor about to grab your idea and run with it on their own accord.  As a business owner though it is not about living in fear.  Its also about living mindfully, not dominated by fear or in a state of analysis by paralysis.

For many years now, I have tried and tried again to get my business dreams and my ideal life happening, only to find my own personal power was in someone else’s hand.  The bus was not my bus, and I had given my personal power away again and again in the effort to “BE SUCCESSFUL” instead of Knowing I am unique, special and need to ensure its ME Driving the Bus.  There can never be two drivers when driving a bus, its bound to end in a Crash.

So being centred and sure of your path is a must.  How much is it going to Cost?  What does the consumer want?

How will it fill their needs?  How does it fullfill your needs as well?

Both Driver, Car (Vehicle) and passenger need to be on the same page for you to get too your destination.  Lets have a lovely holiday together and celebrate in the JOYs of money, great relationships and health…..

Happy Travelling…..